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About the Holland Engineering Group

The Hollands Engineering Group (HEG) is a collaboration between four companies. The cooperation is reflected in the following areas:

Sharing knowledge

We see that the demand for more complex technical solutions is only increasing. In addition, the people who have technical knowledge and skills are declining relatively in the Netherlands. In short, to continue to provide the Dutch market with good technical solutions, there must be cooperation between technical companies in the Netherlands.

Relieving customers

A number of our customers want to be relieved further and further by ever-increasing technical solutions. For example, not only mechanical matters but also the controls. Within this cooperation, we can offer our customers this better and better.

Monitor price levels

The demand for raw materials continues to increase worldwide, and partly as a result, the prices of raw materials are rising. We notice this in the prices of the products that move with it. In order to be able to keep a close eye on things and to form a front against these price increases, we work together. This will ultimately translate into better pricing for our customers.



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